About Us

WISHKAA was born over an evening coffee in fall of 2017 while talking with friends how Jewelry buying have become so complicated and difficult.There are multiple eCommerce stores selling Jewelry but along with that they sell tires,diapers,books you name it. It is just business with objective only profit but no love & passion for jewelry.
Even the exclusive Jewelry sites are very expensive to afford and sell products at very high mark up.
Jewelry is not just some piece of metal or gemstone,actually it shows our own imagination & creativity to make ourselves more creative & beautiful.
We are all different but our love for jewelry and glitter unites us and we want to be perfect with our own choices.
At Wishkaa we understand you better as we are you and we work hard to find the Glitter you love.
That's the idea of WISHKAA to provide you the fashion of highest quality at reasonable prices.
We are small but we are dreaming big to provide exclusive space for Jewelry you love and constantly learning & improving.
We are your girlfriend, if we make you happy tell us !!! we made you sad tell us!!.promise will make it right for you.