Lava Jewelry a New Fashion trend with Health Benefits !!

Lava Jewelry a New Fashion trend with Health Benefits !!

There have been growing trend in fashion for Lava Jewelry and it is catching up fast the imagination of people worldwide due to it's health benefits which you get without compromising the fashion and style.

What is Lava?

LAVA is the molten rock which is created due to the earth geothermal activity which is expelled to earth crust from deep within the earth due to fissures in earth crust at oceans or volcanic activities.

Lava Jewelry how it adds to style ?

First it's natural and freely available substance so if you are wearing the Lava jewelry you are supporting nature and earth as it is cooled down molten stone coming from deep within mother earth.

It is stylish as it comes in different colors and can worn depending on occasions and  its beads can be worn as ring,necklace , earrings or can be dipped in essentials oils for fragrance which lasts longer as compared to other substances.

Lava Jewelry Health Benefits

Lava beads helps in anxiety you won't believe but this is true. Lava stones are rich in minerals which have soothing properties

It heals It creates positive outlook to life and it heals mind, body and soul.

Lava stone absorbs the positive energy and disperse it creating the great environment around the person wearing it.



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