History of Jewelry

History of Jewelry

Our love for jewelry is so ancient even though when there was no precious gems gold or diamonds were known, people used to make jewelries with natural resources and like bones stones feather etc.

It simply means that wearing a jewelry is not just a modern day fashion but was always a kind of tradition and sentimental accessory to adore ourselves. Let’s see few glimpse of interesting ‘jewelry journey ’’!

If we ever look in to our history we will notice in arts, sculptures, paintings that jewelries were always the love of human life, even jewelry was used before the clothes invented. Time changed so the priorities but the thing never changed is the passion & love for jewelry. Journey of jewelry is very interesting.

The oldest piece of ancient jewelry is almost 130,000 years old and it was made of eagle talons #site of krapina#. These were called Neanderthal jewelry.

Neanderthal jewelry



Journey was continued to #Snail beads# these were made of sea snails & called ‘NASSARIUS’ around 110,000 years ago.

 Snail Beads

 Then ostrich shell beads of Kenya the first personal necklace jewelry. It was drilled ostrich eggs & beaded in strings around 40,000 years old.

 ostrich eggs & beaded in strings

Then discovered First stone bracelet during the excavation in the site of #Altai region of Siberia#. Noticeable fact is ‘technology’ was used in making of these bracelets. These were also dated around 40,000 years old.


Here comes the gold smiting a graveyard full of gold ornaments from Varna civilization, more than 43 grave were found buried with grave gifts. Lot of jewelry bangles, bracelet, beads, necklace etc. You will be surprised to know that one of these burial pits contained more gold inside than it was discovered in the entire world in that period.


 Another amazing and famous jewelry in the queues Egyptian jewelry. Not only the pyramid of GIZA but 5,000 years ago in Egypt most amazing head jewelries crafted too. Gold, silver and glass jewelries are simply evidence of love towards unique and versatile variety of jewelry collection in those days.  



Journey of metal jewelry leads us to Mesopotamian jewelries those were made of thin sheets of metal and variety of colorful Gems, these were a different level of jewelry designs.


 Jewelry is now one of the biggest industries in modern word. Fashion and fine jewelry manufacturing is at next level. Many rare gems like diamonds, amethyst, opal, sapphire are leading stones of jewelry industry. As well cubic zirconia is also one of the people’s favorite and affordable choice trend now a days.




Jewelry trends and material might change time to time but one thing is certain that jewelry or ornaments are passion of individuals life, a parameter for social status, an option to decor our outer beauty to enhance our inner confidence to the world


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